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Links and references

Please find hereafter a list of links I really enjoy. First, a few excellent sites for record collecting:

Underground: Jerome is THE US reference.
JellyFish Records: Stephan's Web site, another one we can trust.
Industrial Silence: Mark's Web site, a passionate collector from Netherlands.
Bad Cat: Not only a dealer site but a lot of interesting information.
Van Dike: Greg's Web site, from England.
Marcel Koopman: Marcel's Web site, from Netherlands. Great.
Psych Park: From a friend I've known for a long time!!!
RecordMecca: This one is in the US, have a look at memorabilia section.

Acid Archives of Underground Sound: The Acid Archives are really a gem for every garage and psychedelic fan. Hundreds of records from 60's and later are listed there. Even if I sometimes disagree with author's opinion, I really like how the records are reviewed. My pleasure is to browse the site while reading Hans Pokora's record collector dreams book series. The best record database after ... Vernon Joynson's.

Lama Archives: From one of the main contributors of Acid Archives. Interesting reviews, articles, discographies.

Pop Sike: This Ebay auction database can give in one click a first very good idea of the value of a record even if search engine could be improved a bit.

Both Sides now: An incredible data base to know the history of record labels with label key milestones, extensive listings, label scans. At a glance, you can check if the record you have in hand is an original. I don't know how much time these guys have spent to gather all this information but it's a life work. Congratulations.

G45 Legends: Do you want to know the history of the rarest US garage singles? How many copies have survived and if they have been compiled. This Web site is for you.

Turn me on Dead man: An excellent and useful site including extensive information about garage - psychedelic compilations from all over the world with a detailed list of the compiled titles.

For famous groups and artists, it is always difficult to know exactly which pressing we have in hands. These very useful different Web sites give clear information to recognize an original pressing and know record value:

Beatles discography
Pink Floyd discography
Who discography
Rolling Stones discography

Olsenart Poster Gallery: If you like 60's posters for collecting or just for fun, don't hesitate to browse this fantastic poster gallery.

Canadian Sixties: Plenty of info, record covers, group discographies and pictures about Canadian groups.

South American Sixties: Same for South American groups.

Bomp links: This is the links page of Bomp Records, the well known label. A lot of links to groups, labels, record stores sites and many others.

Record Collector Forum: Record Collector Forum.

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