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First of all, I would like to thank you to take the time to browse my record pages. Hope you'll find something interesting. In any case, you have to know that I'll always prefer a trade to cash. My want list page is full of records (rare and not so rare). If you have to trade a record not listed there, don't hesitate to ask if I'm interested however. I like to discover 60's psych and beat LPs from all over the world. Generally, I'm only looking for EX or better albums. If the record is rare enough, VG+ records only (not sleeves) can be accepted. Please apply the same rules as me for grading records and sleeves. If you are looking for a French group record or a French pressing, I could help you just for the fun but please tell me exactly the price and condition you are seeking for.

I'm not a record dealer (even if I dreamt to be one when I was younger!!!). No, I was contaminated by the vinyl virus a few (hum!!!) years ago when CDs didn't exist at all. At that time, I started to collect UK new wave and US alternative groups. Then, through groups like Joy Division and a few others, I discovered the VU, the Nuggets comp and all the garage / punk / psychedelic scene. I also digged all these 80's psych and punk revival groups.

I stopped collecting records for a while but I came back to my original hobby. I don't know exactly why but I guess that everybody comes back to his youth one day or another. People collect teddy bears, old motocycles or granddaddy's photos. Why not old records with scratches and flashy sleeves?

To be short, a lot of records listed here come from my own collection. The majority of 80's records are in top condition as I bought them myself. Of course, older records are not new but are graded very strictly.

I guess you are familiar with record gradings. Nevertheless you will find hereafter a remaining of the standard gradings. I do not mention Good and Poor conditions as no record here is in such condition. In any case, if you have a doubt, don't hesitate to ask for more detailed information. Please, read also carefully the "Comments" column, the last one of the different tables. It brings some details about the record itself and its condition.

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Please reserve first by email. Postage for trades is free of charge (and also the reverse). If we agree on a cash deal, I'll give you the postage price according to the destination. Please indicate whether you choose air or surface mail.

As I'm not really a record dealer and I do not have a large stock, I generally listen to all my records. My gradings are very strict because I know how a collector can be disappointed when he or she receives a misgraded record. Don't forget old records are not CDs and even mint copies have some slight surface noise. If you are not ready to hear them, please buy CDs.

The grades are defined as follows:

SS (still sealed): Still sealed in its original shrinkwrap.

M (mint): Only items appearing to be brand new or absolutely perfect (record and cover will be graded 'M'. Generally, they come in schrink and can be considered as opened SS copies.

M- (mint minus): M- discs appear to be nearly flawless. Covers are nearly perfect.

EX (excellent): 'EX' discs appear to be a bit less than M-, or a M- record with one scratch. The cover is obviously not new but with very few marks.

VG++: VG++ LPs appear to be definitely used, but well cared for, and audible flaws should be minor. Many of these LP's still play great. Covers are also well-used but without tears or major damages.

VG+: 'VG+' LP's appear well-used but not beat. Covers can be very used with some visible damages. These damages are listed.

VG: 'VG' LP's appear somewhat beat but should still play listenably well. Anything that looks really beat or trashed on record and/or cover will be described as such and priced accordingly.

Please note: In any case, please read carefully the "Comments" column. It can bring some detailed information about the grading. Especially for VG records, it will help you to select the record or not.

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